Now You Know

From the Learn 360 Info Base, Each 7-minute adventure finds Howie and Baboo—a curious, imaginative five-year-old boy and his hilarious, non-verbal lillte money sidekick in the mindst of an exciting make-believe scenario linked to the question of the episode. A Star Trek-like adventure would see them pass by the moon and later wonder why the moon has "holes" in it. A team of real-life kid Questioneers appear on the Q-Pad to offer possible (sometimes funny) answers to the questions. Then Howie and Baboo go out into the real world—for example to see an astrophysicist at one of North Amercica's largest telescopes and learn from a grown up Expert who demonstrates an experiment with Howie and Baboo's help. Now You Know cirriculum includes: learning through imaginitive play, simple experiments and demonstations, creative problem solving, exploring new activities and environments, cooperation, teamwork, and much more!