Working in Canadian Communities - 4 book series

Working in Canadian Communities has four texts to explore with inquiry questions and further learning. The Henry Education Centre has all four texts (sets of 8) as inquiry packs.

Working in Canadian CommunitiesInquiry QuestionFurther Resources
Jobs in Canadian Cities by Diane BaileyWhy do people live in cities?
Why are some types of jobs located there?
The Canadian Atlas Online
Canadian Geographic Games
Kids World Travel
Jobs in Rural Canada by Todd KortemeierWhat are some of the rural jobs near your area? 
How are they different from jobs in other areas of Canada
Canadian Forestry Association: Kids Corner Exploring Careers
Natural Resources Canada: Welcome to the Kids' Club
Jobs in Suburban Canada by Todd KortemeierWhat jobs are available in a suburb near you? 
What makes them different from jobs in other suburbs?
Canadian Geographic Kids Exploring Careers
National Geographic Kids: Canada
Jobs in Small Town Canada by Samantha S. BellWhat are some jobs in a small town that are connected to the environment? 
How are these jobs different from those in a small town in another region?
Canadian Geographic Kids
Kids' Stop: Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada
National Geographic Kids: Canada

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