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Introduction to Career Education

An introduction to how a person’s career is considered their “journey” through life, and how the Career Education curriculum offers students the opportunity to pursue this journey in personal, meaningful, and goal-oriented ways. Flexible teaching and learning is paramount in Developing Foundations (K-5), Exploring Possibilities (6-9), and Pursuing Preferred Futures (CLE and CLC) in Career-Life Development.

Ministry Career Education Goals and Rationale

The Career Education curriculum contributes to students’ development as educated citizens that can adapt to ongoing change with purposeful career-life development. It reflects on learning experiences both in and out of school and recognizes the importance of experiential learning, guidance from mentors, and community involvement.

Ministry Career Education Curriculum (K-9 CLE and CLC)

Explore the Career Education Curriculum with links to the K-9 CLE, CLC curriculum,  and the Career Education 10-12 Guide.

Ministry Career Development Policy

Career development is one of the goals of the public education system, shared by schools, family and community. Education programs in B.C. schools should help prepare students for successful employment when they leave the school system.

Career Education 10-12 Guide (Draft)

This guide provides an overview of career education, delivery examples, and the capstone.

Career Education 10 - 12 webinar

This webinar provides an overview of the new Career Education 10-12 curriculum, including a discussion of suggestions for delivery models, capstone criteria and examples, ideas for meaningful mentorship, and the new draft Career Education 10-12 Guide, (August 2018) Vivian Collyer and Angie Calleberg, Learning Transformation Division, BC Ministry of Education.

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